Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gone are the thoughts that were just in my head a second ago. "Outta the den you guys," I say, as I try to scrap together some semblance of sanity to this world called Motherhood.

Gone are the days when I could eat a piece of candy and my child would not whine that he wanted one, too. When will I get a treat for me that I won't feel somehow obligated to share?

Gone is a peaceful night's sleep... or a peaceful day for that matter. When will I get to enjoy a few nights in a row of comfortable sleep on my brand new bed that cost a small fortune?

Gone are the days when I could make everyone at the table happy with what I fixed for dinner. How long will my kitchen be compared to a fine buffet restaurant, and with disdane?

Gone are the days when I could spend quiet time with the Lord, both quiet heart, and quiet room. How many more times will I not be able to find my Bible and notebook on my way out the door to go to a ladies' Bible study or church meeting?

But when I look back on this time, three or maybe five years from now, what will be gone then? What will I miss about this time?

Let me savor "now" Lord, before it, in it's uniqueness, is gone, too.

~~Jennifer Young
copyright 2008

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